About Probiotics

The name probiotic is derived from Latin (pro) and Greek (biotic) and means “for life.”

Probiotics are defined by the World Health Organization as “Live microorganisms which when administered in adequate amounts confer a health benefit on the host”. We have 1-2 Kg of bacteria in our digestive tract, which is 10 times more than the number of cells in the human body.

Lactic acid-producing bacteria isolated from the human gastro-intestinal tract, plant material or food are by far the most common types of microbes used as probiotics, but certain yeast and bacilli may also be used.

These bacteria are often used in fermented dairy products or food supplements. For decades, probiotics have been used to improve gut health by maintaining or restoring the intestinal microbiota, which plays an essential role in maintaining a healthy digestive and immune system.

Different substances can be useful additives to probiotic preparations such as Vitamin D, cranberry extract, D-Mannose and fibers.


Proflora probiotic gives you this feeling by providing the right mix with the right counts of the best bacterial strains.

Restore Your Healthy Gut

Proflora contains Lactic acid bacteria (good bacteria) that are beneficial microorganisms which are already part of the intestinal system.

What Do They Do?

a. The good bacteria restores the protection of the gut by killing harmful bacteria through production of lactic acid.
b. Probiotics help in absorption and fermentation of food in the gut.

What Happens If There Weren’t Enough Good Bacteria?

Microorganisms live in a harmonious balance. Disruption of the balance can lead to digestive discomfort.

Important Daily Supply

a. It will provide your gut with the sufficient good bacteria mix that would restore your digestive comfort.
b. It’s a must when you are taking a antibiotic course/ consult your doctor.


Proflora probiotic range consists of 11 products that will provide full probiotic support for all the family and for all needs
so it will provide the essential supply specifically to each age range.

What makes Proflora Different

Knowing that probiotic strains are very delicate, different factors are considered with Proflora probiotics to insure high efficacy from the products

The research and development of the Proflora formulas are done by BioCare Copenhagen, a Danish biotech company and the products are produced in a state-of art, high standard facilities in Italy under full GMP, ISO and FDA guidelines.

Proflora probiotics are Multi-strain formulas that provides excellent functionality and efficacy. In the multi-strain formulas, the strains enhance each other’s survival, adhesion, colonization in different niches and have more synergistic effect.

Proflora probiotics are produced with a patent protection technology which optimizes the cell membrane integrity for handling, storage and ingestion. With the protection technology 80-90% of the bacteria reaches the intestine alive and in a good condition to colonize and proliferate.

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A full probiotic range for all the needs of the whole family. The Proflora range consists of 7 products,
so there is a variant for every member of the family and for every situation.

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