Why Proflora Restore?

Proflora Restore is a combination of eleven super strains of probiotics as well as prebiotics.

The eleven super strains of probiotics has shown superiority in many international studies to Reduce & improve

  1. Anti-biotic associated diarrhea
  2. Travellers’ diarrhea
  3. IBS related symptoms
  4. Lactose intolerance.

Proflora Restore is a healthy solution – supporting the development of immunity, intestinal health, digestive comfort, prevention of allergy, eczema & IBS symptoms.

Proflora Restore shows great benefits when given during or after an anti-biotic course to correct the imbalance of the intestinal bacterial flora caused by anti-biotics.

Product Integrity

Proflora Restore is a symbiotic formula which contains both probiotics & prebiotics offering the complete package needed to address IBS related symptoms, Gastroenteritis and other digestive issues. It provides  the most powerful, Well studied Multi-strain formula of 11 different strains that address & cover many indications & needs, which include inhibiting harmful bacteria, rebalancing the intestinal flora, supporting metabolic function in the bowels, reducing excessive gas production andalleviating symptoms of gastroenteritis & lactose intolerance

Our Quality Standards

Proflora range is produced at state-of-the art facilities in EU with high standard facilities, under full GMP, ISO, HACCP, FDA guidelines. Encouraged by the Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, Copenhagen University Hospital joint forces with BioCare Copenhagen in order to develop and introduce a range of unique probiotic product concepts. Leading gastrointestinal experts from Copenhagen University Hospital started to isolate a number of probiotic strains back in the late nineties. In a large benchmark test several of the hospital strains outperformed most of the competitive strains which are commercially available today.

Proflora Restore

  • Proflora Restore provides the Most powerful and well studied Multi-strain formula of 11 different strains.
  • Proflora Restore is a symbiotic formula that contains probiotics & prebiotics, offering the complete package needed to address digestive issues.
  • Proflora Restore has shown in studies a superiority in the reduction of chronic abdominal pain, flatulence, bloating & belching associated with IBS when taken daily.
  • Proflora Restore strains shown in studies an alleviation of chronic- Lactose intolerance symptoms.