Why Choose Proflora Feminine?

Proflora Feminine is a combination of two super strains of probiotics as well as D-Mannose and Cranberry extract.

Many international studies have shown that the two super strains of probiotics are superior in the reduction and improvement of recurrent urinary tract infections.

Proflora Feminine is a healthy solution that provides females with a 360 degree solution that treats and prevents recurrent urinary tract infections and bacterial vaginosis in a 6 days course.

Product Integrity

Proflora Feminine has proprietary multiple strains isolated & tested at the Danish University & hospitals with the highest international standards. under full GMP, ISO, HACCP, FDA guidelines. It contains the best performing probiotics in a large benchmark test ( L. Acidophilus, L. Gasseri & L. Rhamnoses) – in terms of gastro intestinal survival & activity and help the bacteria to perform their anti-microbial properties. Proflora Feminine also has Cranberry extract in addition to D- Mannose. It possesses a synergistic effect of cranberry extracts which inhibits harmful bacterial growth, in addition to the D-mannose that prevents harmful bacterial attachment & probiotics to produce the needed protection.

Our Quality Standards

Proflora range is produced at state-of-the art facilities in EU with high standard facilities, under full GMP, ISO, HACCP, FDA guidelines. Encouraged by the Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, Copenhagen University Hospital joint forces with BioCare Copenhagen in order to develop and introduce a range of unique probiotic product concepts. Leading gastrointestinal experts from Copenhagen University Hospital started to isolate a number of probiotic strains back in the late nineties. In a large benchmark test several of the hospital strains outperformed most of the competitive strains which are commercially available today.

Proflora Feminine

    • Proflora Feminine is the Ultimate true solution for female urinary tract infections (UTI) & its recurrence.
    • Proflora Feminine demonstrates antimicrobial effects – protective against harmful organisms that causes infections- through hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) production.
    • Proflora Feminine with the mix of D- Mannose + Cranberry extracts is as effective as the gold standard pharmaceutical therapy for UTI.
    • Proflora Feminine uses the most effective cranberry extract that inhibits harmful bacterial reproduction (E. coli), which is the main cause of UTI.