What are Lactic Acid Bacteria?

Lactic acid bacteria are beneficial microorganisms that are already part of the intestinal system. The bacteria produce lactic acid when they convert fiber and/or carbohydrates from food into, among other things, energy and vitamins.

A healthy stomach is a stomach that you don’t feel

A healthy tummy gives you a pleasant feeling, without the discomfort of bloating, belching or pain. A healthy stomach provides ease of digestion and allows for daily toilet visits. However, sometimes eating healthily and living a healthy lifestyle are simply not enough to keep your digestive system well‐functioning. A modern lifestyle with stress, illness, bad and/or irregular habits or medicine may lead to digestive problems. A daily intake of lactic acid bacteria might be required to restore or maintain a healthy balance in the intestinal flora.

Imbalance may lead to digestive discomfort

70% of the immune system lies in the digestive tract. Here you will find a wide variety of microorganisms living in harmony and maintaining a good balance, suppressing bad bacteria and allowing good bacteria to flourish. A well-balanced microflora helps uptake of nutrients from food and to produce essential vitamins.

A daily supplement of lactic acid bacteria might be a good short-­cut to more energy and a better quality of life.

Why Proflora?

A lot of reasons, here are the top FIVE:

Proflora is a Synbiotic formula, as it consists of the probiotics in combination with prebiotics to ensure the best synergistic results, this provides the ultimate package of intestinal benefit.

Proflora is a Multistrain probiotic, as a single strain product cannot colonize all the various niches in the gastrointestinal tract, for example, Lactobacillus strains are largely effective in the small intestine while Bifidobacterium strains work best in the large intestine. Also, some strains colonize the intestines and/or their mucous surfaces better than others while still other strains best colonize the colon. Some probiotics are even better at colonizing the food itself as it moves through the digestive system.

Proflora is coated by Cryo technology. The bacterial strains are coated to ensure the highest rate of activity to protect the bacteria from the stomach acidity & allowing them to reach the intestines. Many probiotics currently in the market are not coated nor protected in anyway, which is why most are ineffective.

Proflora is 100% human origin, unlike a lot of probiotics currently in the market, that comes from non-human sources, in spores and different forms, which are susceptible to contaminations.

Proflora is the only probiotic in the market that has 7 sub-types specific to each and every family member addressing their specific needs.