Constipation: 6 common causes

Wednesday October 3, 2018

One of the most common health issues that a person faces in their lifetime is Constipation. Many factors contribute towards this with the common assumption being that lifestyle and certain eating habits are the primary cause behind this. Although these factors certainly play a significant role, other problems and diseases too result in constipation.

Constipation – Common Causes You May Have Overlooked

Diet lacking in fiber and fluids – One of the major reasons behind constipation is the lack of intake of fiber and fluids in the diet as well as increased consumption of fats. Intake of fiber is essential since it helps the body to absorb water resulting in a larger and softer stool that’s easier to pass. However, fiber may also cause constipation, in some people, to become even worse which can lead to gas resulting in discomfort.

Irregular bowel movement – Most people fight the urge to go but what they fail to realize is that by repeatedly ignoring the urge to empty the bowel, this habit can eventually stop the movement making constipation much worse. Therefore, if you have to go – then go – don’t fight it.

Inactive lifestyle –Not many are aware that regular exercise and good muscle tone can help to regularize bowel movements since the colon positively responds to it. Therefore, strengthening the abdominal muscle wall muscles and the diaphragm will help in playing a crucial role in the defecation process.

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) – People who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome tend to find constipation to be one of the symptoms that leads to them having slower and more sluggish bowel movements, putting a strain and creating discomfort in the abdomen. Other common symptoms of IBS include gas, bloating and cramping.

Overuse of laxatives – Many people who suffer from bulimia or anorexia nervosa, tend to abuse laxatives which can often result in long-term side-effects. However, extended use of laxatives is often recommended for people who suffer from constipation to help regulate their bowel movements.

Other medication – Over-the-counter drugs and prescription medications may cause different side effects with constipation being one of them. Common medications include antacids containing aluminum, sedative, antidepressants, iron supplements, diuretics and calcium-channel blockers.