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A full probiotic range for all the family and for all needs The Proflora range consists of 7 products,
so there is a variant for every member of the family and for every situation.

Probiotics in Pregnancy and Lactation

Probiotics in Pregnancy and Lactation ATLANTA — Probiotics should be consumed by pregnant and lactating women and their breast-fed infants to prevent the development of atopic dermatitis, according to recommendations that will soon be issued by...

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Benefits of Probiotics

Discover how probiotics can boost your health Benefits of Probiotics. You’ve heard about the “bad” bacteria that can make you sick. But did you know there are also “good” bacteria that can actually improve your health? These...

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7 steps to soothe heartburn

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), more commonly known as acid reflux, results in an uncomfortable burning sensation in the middle of the chest. This burning sensation radiating in the center of the chest is known as heartburn. Heartburn occurs...

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How to add more fiber to your diet

Want to be healthy? Get more fiber in your diet. Reduce the risk of diverticulitis by adding high fiber-containing foods to each of your meals. Adding fiber is equivalent to adding health, therefore, try to squeeze in half of your plate with high...

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Constipation: 6 common causes

One of the most common health issues that a person faces in their lifetime is Constipation. Many factors contribute towards this with the common assumption being that lifestyle and certain eating habits are the primary cause behind this. Although...

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